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Welcome To The Tribe Of Body Contouring

Hi, my name is Sho K. I’m a mama of a two year old, and I didn’t “bounce back” like most of us hope to. Months and months kept passing by, and I was unhappy with the new look of my body, so I began researching ways to accelerate the process of getting back to what I was used to.


During my search, I came across Body Contouring. I booked a few sessions with two different people and experienced discomfort and uncleanliness, so I stopped going to my sessions. From there, my curiosity grew, and the idea to get into this industry was formed. I prioritized learning from nurses, and certified massage therapist, and have been practicing on perfecting my craft and my formula for Tribe Of Beauti.


Finding out how to provide non invasive, result driven treatments has been a blessing. I aspire to make woman feel more beautiful than ever! While I highly prioritize inner beauty, I have to acknowledge that outer beauty matters too, and it makes me feel good to be able to help.


I have made sure to be very thorough in my research, and the safety of both you and me. I want you to feel welcome and at home, while still feeling like you are in a clean, professional environment. We have to get pretty close during these treatments, so it’s my priority to make you feel comfortable. I hope we can make your new journey apart of my journey while we witness each other prosper into wholesome, beautiful, confident beings. ❤️


Sho K

Tribe of Beauti

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I'm always looking to help people with change. Let's work together.

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