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Come Work With Us

This is an application for an assistant/apprentice.

Requirements for this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • $1,000.00 Refundable Deposit to receive in person 1 on 1 training.

    - Deposit will be refunded after the completion of 1 month of work as an assistant. Otherwise, the $1,000.00 will be kept by me as the fee for your training.

  • If you wish to receive training only, this can be done online for $900.00 or in person for $1,250.00

  • Commit at least 4 days per week to servicing clients

  • Be extremely professional and personable

  • Opportunity to temporarily take over clients and receive 70% commission without having to provide tools, equipment or rent.

  • Additional Opportunities may be provided

Let's Learn More About You!

Do you have reliable transportation to get to and from work?
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