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If you schedule your appointment right now, you will receive $20 off any treatment of your choice!

Offer is subject to limited availability



$25.00 will be due today to secure your appointment. Promotions and discounts will be applied at appointment.

Real Results! Real Clients!

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Booking her was the best decision I've made in a long time.

Oshiokhe is everything you want in a body sculpting professional. She is knowledgeable, always learning the newest techniques & technology about her craft, professional & responsive, and she personalizes each service to the specific needs of the client. This is such a confidence instilling craft, I cannot recommend enough! The results of her service have me looking and feeling incredible.

I got the tummy and butt package and I loved my results and saw a difference almost immediately. I even got compliments on the results on my butt without ever mentioning the treatment! My experience here exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely be coming back for follow ups.

What else can I say but absolutely AMAZING! She has such attention to detail, makes me feel really comfortable and relaxed, and I cannot wait to continue to go to see results! Highly recommend!

Emily Frew

Nana Con El Goose

Anisah Wiley

Offer is subject to limited availability

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"It’s always time to level up your confidence so you can feel and look great. The mind feeds the body AND the body feeds the mind, so it’s time to get it all together! My priorities are to make maintain a clean environment so that you feel comfortable and safe. Equally important is that I help you get the BEST results and provide you with the tools, tips, and advice necessary to maintain those results.

Buy a package of three sessions. If no visual change is made by the end of three sessions, you will get a FULL refund! "

Offer is subject to limited availability

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